“If somebody says I can’t do something, I’m going to try my damnedest to do it. It gives me the fire in my belly.”

GARY ANDERSON says he has “fire in his belly” after being written off so many times.


The Flying Scotsman takes on Dave Chisnall at the World Matchplay in Blackpool on Saturday with renewed hunger for the game.


Ando, 52, has had to battle the hard way to reach the Winter Gardens after falling down to World No.22. Now he’s a dark horse for the title he last won in 2018.


He revealed: “I still upset people, I can still wind them up. If somebody says ‘he can’t do it, that’s him, he’s done’ and I hear about it, no, I’m going to make a point to prove and say you’re wrong.


“That’s what gives me a wee boost. If somebody says I can’t do something, I’m going to try my damnedest to do it. It gives me the fire in my belly.”


Anderson does admit that he was close to giving up the sport but has been reinvigorated this year.


He added: “The last three years have been quite quiet for me. I just didn’t want to do it.


“But after the World Championship I started practising with Ryan twice a week and I’ve enjoyed it.


“He’s been coming to mine and I’ve had to go to his. If you get me out of the house I’m fine. But it’s getting me out of the house, that’s the hard bit.


“I’m enjoying just doing the ProTours. I’ve played in the qualifiers and if I get into the Europeans then good. I’m just quite happy with doing what I’m doing.


“I’ve not enjoyed the travelling because it’s been a bloody nightmare. Every single one of them has been an absolute mare to get to.”


Anderson never enjoyed the Matchplay until a change of location where he stayed. Now he faces Chizzy feeling no pressure to regain the title he won five years ago.


He said: “I just giggle, there’s no pressure. I practice once a week. Imagine if I did that for two or three nights. I’ll be a proper nightmare.


“Chizzy could batter me 10 legs to nil. So be it. I managed to get there when I wasn’t qualified.


“We started staying just outside Blackpool, a place with me, the missus and the kids. A fishing lake for me, a football pitch for my son Tai.


“We were outside the town so the last couple of years we’ve been there, it’s been great. It’s quiet and peaceful and that changed my mind about playing in Blackpool.


“Previously we were always in the town and everywhere was chock-a-block.


“Chizzy is going to be a hard game. But when I was the seeded player playing against unseeded, the pressure was always on the seeded player. I’m there with nothing to lose. I can go out and enjoy it.”


Story by Phil Lanning

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