“If an outsider country won it, it would not be a surprise. Pairs is a funny game.”

GARY ANDERSON says he feels 105-years-old but is aiming for more World Cup glory!


The Flying Scotsman returns to the Scotland team with Peter Wright in a bid to win their country’s third title in five years in Frankfurt tomorrow.


Ando, 52, and Snakebite have a combined age of 105 but that won’t stop them from going for yet another major title success on the big stage.


He said: “I feel like I’m 105 as well, I’ll tell you that for a fact!


“When people are written off, those people doing it don’t have a clue.


“People have other things to do in their lives. I don’t want to play 24/7. I’ve got other things I want to be doing.


“I’ve a life to lead, kids to be with, I’ve things to do.


“But I’ve been practising well with Ryan Searle and it is starting to show.”


Anderson is convinced that he can achieve World Cup success again but warns of the outsiders.


He added: “It’s always nice if you can win anything for your country in any sport, even if it is dominoes, it’s a fantastic achievement.


“I have represented my country a lot, even back in the BDO days. Internationals. It was great winning down in Wales. First time Scotland had ever won the 15-man team squad. It’s great putting that shirt on.


“You have England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Holland, but I think you need to start looking further afield and maybe to some teams you think don’t have a chance because it is pairs. Anything can happen in pairs.


“If an outsider country won it, it would not be a surprise. Pairs is a funny game.”


Anderson is also concerned about a lack of youngsters coming through to take over from him and Wright at the top of the sport.


He continued: “There have always been good youngsters in Scotland. It’s just what they want to do in life. It’s a big gamble for them.


“It’s like Tai with his football. He’s in six nights a week and it’s a lot of travelling and there’s the price of everything just now.


“It’s not an easy thing to do and that’s a factor.


“A lot of other countries have got things set up. Holland has always been good for darts schools.


“Alan Soutar does a lot of good work with youngsters and has some good talent up there with him.


“It all depends on what they want. Do they want to give darts a real go and stick with that? It’s up to them.


“It’d be nice. We have plenty of youngsters playing the game, it’s just whether or not they

want to follow it on as they get older.”


Story by Phil Lanning


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