“This gives me so much more confidence in my ability and that I belong in the PDC.”

BENJAMIN Drue Reus says it’s “a dream come true” after hero Gary Anderson helped him pull off a dream double.


The hot prospect Dane has signed up for top darts firm Unicorn and for Scottish management Dunvegan Darts.


Drue Reus, 25, revealed that his childhood inspiration Ando brokered both deals after a chance chat during his opening Players Championship earlier this year.


He hit the headlines after smashing a 114 average during the World Cup last year.


Drue Reus said: “It is very big for me and not something I expected would happen. Especially because I’m the first Danish player to get a contract with Unicorn and Dunvegan Darts.


“I feel it shows that if you put in the work, like I have, it can give you a big reward.


“I would say this is the biggest week of my career. I never expected this opportunity.


“My whole family has played darts since I was very little. I grew up with the sport so it was natural for me when I was old enough to start throwing.


“My biggest hero and inspiration when I was a kid was Gary Anderson.


“It makes this a dream come true to join the same management and darts manufacturer.


“This gives me so much more confidence in my ability and that I belong in the PDC.”


Drue Reus, nicknamed ‘Flying Star’ joins ‘The Flying Scotsman’ Anderson under Tommy Gilmour’s management at Dunvegan in Glasgow.


He added: “I would definitely say the World Cup has been my biggest moment in the sport. That’s where I got to show the world the game I can play.


“At the first Players Championship I sat at the table with Gary. He asked me what kind of sponsors I have and what management I had.


“When I told him I didn’t have any, he then made it all work for me right there and then!”


By Phil Lanning


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