“I know how I can play on my day and what I’ve got to do to make it into the big time.”

HOT prospect Henry Coates signed for Unicorn for another three years – and set his sights on a Q-School.


The Matlock kid rose to fame for hitting a 180 on his debut for Derbyshire aged just 10 years old.


Now he’s about to turn 16 next month and aiming for the big time on the PDC Tour.


He said: “Signing for Unicorn is something I’m really pleased about. I’ve got to World No.1 junior darts player so this is another really important step for me.


“Unicorn have been so supportive of me from day one really. To have them on my side for another three years is brilliant, by the time I’m 18 I will have been with Unicorn for a third of my life!“ I always send them updates on how I’m doing, I always know if I need anything with changing my set-up, they will help.


“I turn 16 on July 3. So my next target is hopefully the PDC Development Tour in August in Germany.


“Then next it’s Q-School in January. It’s going to be a different experience and hopefully get a few wins under my belt and see where it takes me.”


Coates was originally discovered by Jamie Caven from his academy and could have beaten Damon Heta just days before he became a World Cup winner last weekend.


He added: “I’m very confident right now. I know how I can play on my day and what I’ve got to do to make it into the big time. It’s just a matter of how long it will take me.


“I think I’m pretty close to getting my game to the best standard. Just before the World Cup I played against Damon Heta.

“It was just at a local competition in Derby. I ended up playing him in the quarter-finals.


“The only thing that stopped me from beating him was my doubles. I outscored him all the way down but missed my chances.


“My first hero was Terry Jenkins, I’ve looked up to him as a player since I was about three. I loved his nickname Bully!


“I don’t look up to anyone now, I just try to be myself. I just focus on what I can do no one else.”


Story by Phil Lanning.

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