”The best of the best have played with Unicorn, they have been the best for decades”

ASHLEY Coleman admits it’s been a “rollercoaster” of emotions as he signed for Unicorn and qualified for the UK Open within 24 hours!


Now the ‘Prince of Darkness’ wants to follow in the spooky footsteps of Rob Cross and go on to become World Champion.


Coleman, 26, produced a remarkable debut with his new Unicorn darts by winning the Rileys qualifier in Norwich on Saturday.


He revealed: “It has been a rollercoaster after Q-School, signing Unicorn and then qualifying for the UK Open.


“The best of the best have played with Unicorn, they have been the best for decades.


“My favourite player was Phil Taylor and he was with Unicorn when I first got into darts. I always wanted that sponsorship because he’s there. If they can look after Taylor, they can look after me.


“It was the biggest moment of my career. I signed to Unicorn, got my new darts and went to the UK Open qualifier in Norwich and won it.


“Within 24 hours of being with Unicorn I won a tournament, that was pretty incredible.


“I started my first match with my new Unicorn darts. I went in with a blaze of glory and won.


“I wasn’t even going to go to the Rileys qualifier. The parallels with Rob Cross are really strange.


“My mate is the Darts Referee YouTube channel and I said to him ‘I don’t think I’ll go because I’d only just got my new darts’.


“He said ‘go and I’ll book you in’. He got me on a train and I won the whole thing just like the same way Rob Cross did a few years ago.


“So the omen is there I will win the Worlds. Why not? If Luke Littler can get to the final, why can’t I get to the final and win it?”


Coleman, from Haverhill, Suffolk, has got a big ambition to take on new World Champ Luke Humphries in the UK Open and make a big impression.


He added: “I’m a powder coater by trade. I spray metal all day and I’m just a local lad who likes darts and has been playing it for the best part of 20 years.


“I’ve just been building up over time as a player. The main thing is over the years I’ve put more practice in and focused more on the game. I’ve just let my ability soar.


“My form has been great away from the professional side. I felt the only thing I’ve got to do is put my mind to it and anything is possible.


“My plan now is to play the entire Challenge Tour and obviously try and win it. Now I’m in the UK Open I will try and win that. I might not win it but I’m going to give it my best shot.


“I want to go to Minehead and draw the World No.1, why not? I might as well take on the best of the best.


“If I’m going to go out, I want to go out to the best!”


Words by Phil Lanning.

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