”All the heartache will be worth it”

MICHAEL SMITH says all the “heartache” will be worth it after his eighth major final defeat.


The St.Helens star lost out to Ross Smith in the European Championship in Dortmund on Sunday night.


Smith, 32, believes that his “blood, sweat and tears” will finally land him a big title in the coming months.


He said on Twitter: “Not been online at all, phone on do not disturb but got home Monday and back on the board Tuesday.


“I know once again it wasn’t the result we wanted and I know there’s messages of someone saying bottle job whatever.


“But sadly that’s a world we live in, win or nothing. There’s Olympians that are chuffed with top 10 finishes or bronze and silver.


“And sadly that gold is still waiting for me to collect. But one thing I’m proud of myself with is how quickly I turn away from these losses and get straight back on it and get ready for the next.


“One day all this heartache and blood sweat and tears will be worth it. I know I’m one of the hardest and one of the most consistent players out there and I will get my gold medal and then more and more.”


By Phil Lanning

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