“I don’t want to think about how well I have played. I will keep myself focused on something else.”

Team Unicorn star MICHAEL SMITH will lay in bed all day watching Catchphrase before trying to catch his first World Championship.


The Bully Boy dumped German Gabriel Clemens 6-2 in the first semi-final at the Ally Pally last night (Monday).


Smith, 32, admitted he will watch the game show to help keep himself calm before his third world final in five years.


He said: “I always watch Catchphrase or Coronation Street Omnibus. It is keeping me away from thinking about darts.


“I sit there trying to guess the catchphrase. I don’t want to think about how well I have played. I will keep myself focused on something else.


“Tonight I just kept telling myself to win my own throw. I knew if I did that I’d be OK against Gab.


“Fortunately every first leg of each set he started slowly which gave me a chance to take control.


“I had chances to be 3-0 up in sets but I wasn’t worried. My own throw was strong enough.


“I looked at my stats and I had an average of 100. I know I can put 10 points on that but it’s a world final, we’ll see what I can do.”


Smith, who faces Michael van Gerwen in the final, admitted that he even BANNED his kids from attending so he could focus on the big match.


Smith said: “Kasper and Junior went back home after the quarter-finals. They were watching at the junior clubhouse where they play rugby with all my mates. You will probably see it on Facebook in a bit.


“When they turned up for the quarters on New Year’s Day and I played the way I did, they were banned, they were going home even though they wanted to stay with me.


“They are back to school on Wednesday. They always come for the final but if I do win it, they might not be at school the next morning.”



Smith had some stick from fans but admits he doesn’t fear anyone in the final.


He said: “It was one or two people in the stands, whistling and booing, I told them to shut up. It was like, be quiet, it is not working. I am not a mine artist. I haven’t got a clue where they are from. It was one or two out of 3,000. It’s darts, you cannot moan about it.”


Smith roared out the traps to take the opening set with a 106 finish and averaging 110.72.


He led Clemens in the next set but Clemens fought back to level it up.


It soon became a proper scoring slugfest, Smith just about edging in front on throw to lead 2-1 in sets with 144 and 106 checkouts.


The pick of the finishes then came, a wonderful 161 from Smith with bull but Clemens refused to wilt, forcing a fourth successive deciding leg and promptly made it 2-2 in sets.


Smith then broke the mould with three legs on the bounce to lead again and then produced a wonderful 83 with bull finish to break the Clemens throw and lead 4-2.


Bully Boy held his nerve to take out double eight in another tense deciding leg and suddenly he was just one set from glory. Now he was in control and finished off the job with tops for this third world final in five years.


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