“You don’t get over them but you forget about them easier and get ready for the next one.”

Team Unicorn star MICHAEL SMITH has vowed he won’t be called “bottle job” anymore after Peter Wright made him cry a year ago.


The Grand Slam champ was left in tears by Scot Snakebite after losing the World Championship final at the Ally Pally.


But Smith, 32, is delighted he’s finally shut up the social media hate and now wants to be third time lucky in the finals.


He takes on Nathan Rafferty tonight (Friday) and said: “At least I can’t be called bottle job anymore after winning the Slam!


“In last year’s world final I was 5-4 up, I knew going 6-4 I’d have a chance. Not once did I look like I was slowing down.


“But Peter for six legs, I would have to have hit three nines and three 12-dart legs to win one.


“I did nothing wrong. I had a high average, most 180s, most 140s. It did hurt.


“I then saw my son Junior cry in the VIP bit. Backstage afterwards I was settling down a bit, there was me, my wife and two kids and security woman Mandy.


“But Junior started crying again and set me off. It’s gone now, it’s been nearly 12 months.


You don’t get over them but you forget about them easier and get ready for the next one.


“However I had a week off and came back stronger. I then made the UK Open final and European Championship final.”


Smith admits that the trolls don’t get to him anymore but the most abuse he gets is off his dad!


He added: “Most of the time they’ve just lost a quid on a bet. I’ve just made 200 grand for losing a final.


“For me, if you can’t do it, don’t comment. If they go on that stage, they won’t win a leg against anyone. So they just comment because they think it’s funny.


“You read some of the tweets. They are commenting on loads of different sports people, giving them grief because they’ve got nothing better to do.


“It’s not aimed personally, it’s just idiots who have got nothing to do.


“Now when I come off stage after I’ve lost in finals, I put my phone on do not disturb and don’t see anything for a couple of days.


“Then I just look at my general messages from friends who give me support.


“My dad is the best one. If I get beat he just says ‘you were s***!’


“But when I came off stage at the European he said ‘you did nothing wrong’.”


Smith prepared for the Worlds by protecting his wildlife at his farmhouse with bird ‘flu rife and now having to endure ‘flockdown’.


He added: “We’ve still got geese, chickens, swans, ducks and now six dogs. Three turkeys, we had one for dinner last year.


“You can’t get them on any shelves now, they are like gold dust.


“The only problem is that we’ve got all the animals locked down, which is called flockdown.


“With the bird ‘flu about you can’t let them out. We had to build a big avery onto the shed.


“You get text messages every day from DEFRA to say the birds have got to be locked in. If you don’t they’ll come round and kill them.


“That’s why turkeys are so scarce because they’ve had to cull so many.


“I think in the shops they are £80 or £90 a turkey. I wouldn’t sell any because I’ve only got one male and two females and next year I’ll only have one of each.”


Story By Phil Lanning

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